Our Company

Thanks for visiting our program! The Associate Marketing Program (AMP) was created for one very simple reason: to enjoy apps and games!

There are two parts of AMP:

The AMPStore, and The AMPClub, We’ll explain the AMPClub first.

The AMPClub

The AMPClub is an “all-you-can-eat buffet” of apps and games delivered to you via a monthly subscription. Over 800 apps and games are available, with the majority of them being Android based (although our iOS selection is growing rapidly!). We share apps and games we develop, alongside popular ones developed by others.

Inside the AMP Club are actually three separate clubs:
Games Club, Kids Club, and Productivity Apps Club, worth well over $1000 with:

  • No ads
  • No in-app purchases
  • and All levels/functions unlocked.

Pretty cool! Your subscription cost for the AMP Club is $10.99 usd per month. You can also become an AMP Premium Associate and earn by signing people up for the AMP Club subscription! Our “Join Our Team” page has more info for you.

The AMP Store

The AMPStore is the distribution arm of Voltage Partners. Simply put, the Voltage Partners program crowdsources ideas and builds the best ideas into apps and games; profits from those apps and games are then shared with those who submitted the ideas.

So why do we need a distribution arm? Why not just put all of the apps and games developed by Voltage Partners into the Apple App and Google Play stores and see what happens? Great question; we’re glad you asked!

There are literally millions and millions of apps and games in these two popular app stores. The vast majority of apps and games sit on the shelf and see very little attention from the masses. In fact, unless an app or game developer spends large amounts of marketing dollars, the app or game will usually only get a handful of downloads, even if it is very well done.

So… instead of giving our marketing dollars for our apps and games to advertising agencies, we give our marketing dollars to the thousands of AMP Associates who share our apps and games with their friends and family network.

You heard that right, you can earn from simply sharing apps and games with your friends and family! The “Join Our Team” page will quickly bring you up to speed with this awesome opportunity.

Bottom Line

We are an apps and games development company (Voltage Partners) and an apps and games distributor. You can earn from both opportunities.

Join Us!